Recent Visit to Embera Village

Everything about visiting with the Embera people in one of their villages near Panama City is memorable.  From the boat ride to their location, to the Flower Dance they proudly perform for visitors, to the wild pig … yes, a pig on the dance floor!

The Embera people are an indigenous tribe in Panama. Today, many of them live in villages by rivers in the rainforest.  The key word is “villages” … there is more than one group of Embera; some offer a better experience than others.  The good news is that Rene knows the best choices to make for you to ensure your Embera visit is the highest quality possible.  After all, you want an authentic, not tourist trap encounter.  See Day Trips for more information.

Recently, Rene and clients visited an Embera village and brought along the camera.  Enjoy!

River boat ride to village

Short stroll to the event center

Flower Dance


Your hosts are happy to have you join in the fun