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November is Independence Month in Panama

Each year, November is a huge month in the hearts of Panamanians.  Called Independence Month, celebrations include the remembrance of the country’s Separation from Colombia on November 3, 1903 and its Independence Day from Spain on November 28, 1821.  School children practice all year to participate in multiple parades, whether they are just old enough to ride a float, dance along in their finest historical garb or are a part of a drum corp.

Panama is a proud, beautiful county full of friendly, welcoming people.  There is natural beauty, history and a Wonder of the World to experience here, as you will see in the pictures following.  As for enjoying the lifestyle, cuisine and the smiles of the locals, you are just going to have to come visit!  Contact Rene and he will make sure you se...

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Day Trips

ManTortuga_270_147MenRiver_255_285Whether trekking through rain forest or enjoying the laid-back nightlife of Bocas del Toro, you’ll forever associate Panama with the best in natural and cultural landscapes.

One of the great day trips that you can choose which departs from Panama City is a visit to an Emberá settlement. This memorable visit will provide an opportunity to meet a gracious people whose lifestyle has remained virtually the same for centuries. The Emberá are a unique and beautiful people that live much as they did when Columbus arrived in the 1500’s.

Your Man in Panama will be pleased to arrange and escort you on a Day Trip to the Emberá country side! In fact, we can explore anywhere you would like! For Detailed Tour Descriptions and Rates Click Here.

Overnight and longer stays can be arranged.


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