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I want you to know about me in my own words:

I was born in Panama city, August 9th, 1957, making me 60 years old this year. My father is from Honduras and my Mom is from Panama. At great effort, they sent me to a private school, where I had the chance to learn English as my second language.

During my life, I have worked in several fields. In my high school years, I become a musician, learning first how to play the guitar and then then the bass guitar. I had the good fortune to perform professionally in several bands. After I earned a degree in Business Administration from the University of Panama in 1979, I started my career as salesman, rising to Sales Manager. My employer was in the poultry business and I worked there for more than 8 years. One of the highlights of this time was opening and generating significant sales to the U.S. Army Forces in the Canal Zone beginning in 1992. Due to the treaties signed between Panama and the U.S. back in the late 70s, in 1998 the Southern Command was forced to leave the country and with them went my job!

This has proved to be a blessing me. I started my new career making my daily living as an English/Spanish tour guide for all the Americans, Canadians and others visiting my beautiful Republic of Panama.

I really love showing all of my clients my country. I feel so proud teaching all about Panama that this has come to be my preferred activity; it is my pleasure to serve you!

Welcome and let me introduce you to the best place in the world, my country, The Republic of Panama.

Ole to you all!

Rene and Beautiful Daughters

Rene and Beautiful Daughters

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