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Panama is rich in history and wonder. The 8th Wonder of the World, The Panama Canal, has a story to tell like no other tale of despair and victory in the Northern Hemisphere. Seeing it in action today and learning of its past will be something you and your family will never forget. Rene brings more to this experience than films or pamphlets. What impact does the U.S. occupation have on Panama today? What Panama holiday remembers a handful of high school students’ experience in the Canal Zone? How’s long has the new Canal project been in construction?


The official title and the official residence of the head of state of the country is El Palacio de las Garzas, the Palace of the Herons. The building was first constructed in 1673 soon after Panama City was moved to the peninsula that San Felipe rests on from it’s original site farther down the coast. Over the centuries the building has gone through numerous additions and modifications including the addition of a second floor in 1922, and then later a third floor.


Baroque Golden Altar of San Jose Church (one of the few treasures to escape Henry Morgan’s sacking of the city).

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