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Panama Rocks!

Thanks to Rene!

Panama-Canal-Miraflores-528239This morning my wife and I awoke at 4:00 AM Eastern time to fly to Panama City, Panama.  It is a beautiful large urban city, a lot like a smaller Miami.

We went to a small island in the bay which had a marina. Rene took us to the most wonderful water/marina front restaurant. Unbelievably fresh and fantastic prawns … I had a smoked prawn shish-ka-bob. The prawns were so fresh they were sweet and the vegetables were the best tasting I ever have put in my mouth!  I had two Panamanian beers (Atlas Lager), my wife enjoyed a Chilean red wine and three of us ate at an amazing place … for $40.00!

Next, we went to the Panama Canal and watched a couple of ships make it through the channel (locks). The Eighth Wonder of the World and it (The Canal) deserves the designation...

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